Skills Matrix

The only Cloud Software to monitor the skills of your employees and manage the Skills Matrix

Everything in the world is changing.

Technologies and regulations evolve and new ones are born and
in our companies we need more and more qualified personnel.

Forget the old Excel sheets,

We'll make you smile if we tell you we've seen huge and unmanageable Excel sheets for creating skills matrix, right?

Take a step forward

To help you we have developed this software so that you can always have an updated and well-organized framework of skills.

and save time

Stop spending long minutes waiting for the Excel sheet to open, to carry out an Audit or to keep the skills of your employees updated.

It's time to evolve

The market, managers and employees ask us for it.
And new technologies and new regulations also ask us for it
to which we must respond in a prepared and organized manner.

New project?

If the company has to start a new project, you can set-up the team dedicated to the project in a moment.

Extract the people with the skills and level of competence you are looking for with a few clicks.

Team Managers

Those who manage a team must monitor and update the skills of individual people from time to time when it is necessary to do so.

In a few clicks it is possible to perform this operation and face potential external audits without panic.

Skills Matrix

Creating skills matrices is no longer a nightmare. Nor do you update or share them with your colleagues.

In a few moments you have all the information you need.

Features of Skills Matrix

Skills Matrix is ​​a SAAS (Software-As-A-Service) cloud-ready,
that can be delivered to both our infrastructure and that of your company.

Furthermore, it is ready to be integrated with company systems and applications
such as SSO, HR, Training Platforms, Job Centers, etc ...


If you own multiple companies, Skills Matrix allows you to manage them all with the same account.

Myntech | The Innovation Factory | Skills Matrix | Companies


Create or import your employees and keep an eye on the progress of each of them.

Myntech | The Innovation Factory | Skills Matrix | Employees


Create or import skills to manage and track their progress for all employees.

Myntech | The Innovation Factory | Skills Matrix | Skills


Define the typical profile for each individual role in the company and indicate the skills that must be evaluated.
All employees assigned to that role will inherit the skills to be followed from this type profile.

Myntech | The Innovation Factory | Skills Matrix | Personas


Create your Skills Matrix based on the company divisions (sectors, BUs, shifts, etc ...), and you will have at a glance an immediate snapshot of the progress of the skills in the company for all your employees.

Myntech | The Innovation Factory | Skills Matrix | Matrix


View all the alerts that the system processes for you so that you can take the correct resolving action.

Myntech | The Innovation Factory | Skills Matrix | Alerts


Keep an eye on the courses planned for all your employees.

Myntech | The Innovation Factory | Skills Matrix | Calendar


The personal and / or sensitive data present within the software are encrypted and pseudonymized as per GDPR 2016/679.

Myntech | The Innovation Factory | Skills Matrix | GDPR

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